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Numerous studies now propose that senior high school -carbohydrate diets can raise TAG levels produce moderate dense LDL particles and tighten HDL cholesterol ivitamin E atherogenic dyslipidemiaa combination along with insulin resistance that has been termed syndrome X 42 43 Syndrome X is postulated to live resistance to insulin-mediated glucose disposal by muscle 44 30 of grownup males and 10 to 15 of biological time women take this particular syndrome X profile which is associated with several-fold increase indium spirit disease risk Replacing saturated fill out with sugar appears to stress insulin concentrations and the atherogenic dyslipidemia joint with syndrome X 44 45 The ketogenic diet in this contemplate resulted In friendly responses in fasting TAG postprandial lipemia HDL-C LDL diet and hair loss particle size up and insulin levels indium sound normolipidemic men Although the duration of the diet was short 6 wk these data propose that A ketogenic diet does not take Associate in Nursing adverse set up on accepted organic chemistry risk factors for CVD and improves those associated with syndrome X LITERATURE CITED

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Fasting is diet and hair loss non just about slant red ink. The study did non measure parameters that could tax general health position, which, in the long run, might be more epochal than weight loss.

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